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Dialoghi barocchi

RACHEL CLERC, recorder and voice

MARTINE REYMOND, organ and cembalo
diatonic accordion

When Martine Reymond met the Tiramisù trio, they created together Dialoghi Barocchi, a project that opens a dialog between two music styles that are usually played in different contexts. On one side, traditional music, which has its origins in the people's traditions and is mostly transmitted orally. On the other side, pre-Baroque music – a written, academic music, yet that often has its origins in cultural exchanges and ideas that were
then reinterpreted by composers. 


The programme plays on the complementarity, the common influences and the similarities between traditional folk music and instrumental music from the 16th century. It shows that between these music styles there are no barriers, but rather a process of reciprocity.


The modern concept of folk or academic music doesn't make sense at that time. It is what triggered our curiosity and our will to perform this music. In this programme we play traditional songs
and their academic "alter egos".




TRACKS — Click on the Play icon to listen

Suite di danze (B. de Selma) - Tiramisù & Martine Reymond
Follia (A. Falconiero) - Tiramisù & Martine Reymond
La Suave Melodia (A. Falconiero) - Tiramisù & Martine Reymond
Recercada Ottava (D. Ortiz) - Tiramisù & Martine Reymond
Tre Bagatelle (Val Müstair) - Tiramisù & Martine Reymond
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